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my sweet honey biscuit by cotton pantie's from the album: My Sweet Honey Biscuit!

Hannah Rose.

SICK. 9/22/2004

I enjoyed this old entry I wrote haha, back when I was 17. I also found out I drank quite a bit more than I realized.

I don’t really even have time to post right now, but I am. Because I’m disgusted as thoughts move through my mind. I can’t even sit and watch tv without getting pissed off, asking questions. Feeling literally sick. Fuck you bastards about to call me a large ego-ed whore.
Reading these books sicken me. The way they always worship each other; him and her with their perfect curves and sizes, their way with words. You’ll never find a man in here that can’t say things perfectly to make your heart jump. You’ll never find a woman whose beauty isn’t shown in her perfectly shaped breasts and her long lashes. How much he loves her - her every fucking move. A whole other world just for their love. Every word, smile, touch with a flutter of butterfly wings through their insides. It all makes a normal human look completely stupid. It all makes normal love making just seem like a sweaty act of jumping up and down everywhere, smelling body odor, tasting stale breath in a moist kiss, saying I love you in the moment, then never expressing anything again until you have to because this one will leave, or that one wants another lover, yadda yadda. Tell me where the hell you find this thing. It HAS to come from somewhere - fantasy always has a bit of truth to it. I don’t want to chafe underneath a body, thinking this is the moment where the wind blows just right, and the kisses flavor tastes perfect just for me, only to have them be a dick, be the guy that just wanted to “have some fun” and tells all his buddies about his adventures. Or give my fucking soul to a man that can’t even speak. I’m so fucking sick and tired of guys saying “hit that shit.” I fucking hate you. I’m not your fucking cattle, so get your dick out of your ear and fucking show me some goddamn respect. You know what I heard today? A little something like this: “She’s like a new four wheeler — you ride her a lot but just don’t tell your friends you’re doing it.” I mean really, this has nothing to do with me, I’m just speaking for every girl I know that’s referred to as someone’s piece. Hey, if you LIKE being possessed with no true value, if you like that sweaty moment where he sperms in your mouth and leaves you with the mess while walking out, or if you like getting fucking knocked up and ending up on Jerry, GO for it. I just want to thank you for giving the rest of us this very reputation. And I want to thank men for being the complete PENISES that they are. One big giant cock. Fuck you.

Life is precious… and God… and the Bible…
Mr. Show
Death Note: Trying to kill a killer to prove to the world that killing is wrong.
Second Chance by BlutEngel from the album: Demon Kiss CD2

I’ll always love this song.

Genius am I.

I will now commence becoming a gazillionaire when I make 21 different versions of the song Beauty and the Beast that consist of each line sung over and over to the tune of the original song.

If you don’t understand a single word I just said, take the lyrics from this horrible site riddled with ads and use any one line to sing to the tune of the song.

Shit, I better hurry up and get that copyrighted. Silly Disney and their lazy nubsauce song structures.

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I’ve had this song in my head all morning and never knew there was a video for it.

She Wants Revenge - True Romance